ARC1 to be switched off in May 2017

Advanced Research Computing (ARC) have announce that ARC1 is in its final days and will be switcehd of after 31st May 2017.

That is only 13 weeks away from 21st Feb posting)… Is that long enough for you to ensure your codes will work?

You should consider migrating your cods, workflows and data to another local HPC system such as (ARC2, ARC3, MARC1 or the N8 machines: Polaris or HERC1)

You can ask ARC about the arrangements at

Another thing to note is that the system is approx 8 years old and any failed parts are being replaced with similar age parts and so mean-time-between-failure is shortening. I believe the system availability has been around 60% over the last 12 months.