Dr. Helen Burns

Role: Software Development Scientist

Email: h.l.burns@leeds.ac.uk

Telephone: +44 (0) 113 343 8668

Website: https://cemachelen.github.io/


I am currently working on a variety of projects including SWIFT and AMMA 2050 with tasks ranging from building project management websites to maintaining and developing storm tracking tools.

I came into Earth Sciences doing an Integrated Masters undergraduate degree in Earth Sciences at Oxford University. I soon became interested in the Geophysical side of things particularly Ocean and Climate sciences which lead me to choose a Master’s Project studying eddy heat and salt fluxes in the North Atlantic, working closely with AOPP. I then moved to Southampton to do a PhD in numerical ocean modelling investigating diabatic eddies in the Southern Ocean. This required a lot of computational efficiency and python scripting to ensure a vast number of model runs were completed and a large amount of data analysed.

I’m interested in taking exciting new analysis tools and making them reproducible and usable by other scientists to move forward with as well investigating new tools to improve efficiency an functionality. I’m especially interested in developing new and exciting open source software to be used as tools in climate/ environmental research.


  • MEarthSci Earth Sciences (Oxford University 2013)
  • PhD Numerical Ocean Modelling (University of Southampton 2018)

Research Interests

  • Python for Atmospheric and Ocean Sciences
  • Machine Learning in environmental sciences
  • Software Carpentry
  • Numerical Modelling


  • MITgcm
  • Unified Model

Programming Languages

Python, Bash,  SQL, FORTRAN, MATLAB.

HTML, Markdown, CSS, Js

Version Control Software