Convection Group Away-Day Feedback

The convection group away day took place on 5 Oct 2016 at the University House, Leeds.

There were several CEMAC-related points raised during the discussion.

1. Centralized data storage

People store datasets at various location. Some are repetitive and incomplete. It is necessary to store complete datasets at one location so that everyone can use them.

2. Shared code

It is necessary to organize the codes so that the codes can be shared and one does not have to start from scratch.

3. Structured training

It is a trend to use some software packages, such as python, R, etc. There is a need to structure the training for new PhD students, PDRAs, and anyone who is interested in.

4. Idealized case setup for running UM or WRF

5. Student skill database

It is useful to create a database to show Students/PDRAs’ skills and experiences. It is also convenient for PIs to identify the suitable candidates for a new project.