the project concentrates on the high resolution simulation of convective systems in the North-Eastern region of India (Jaipur). The Met Office Unified Model (MetOfficeUM) is configured with nested simulations. Subsequent increasing resolution requires many computational points so the boundaries of the region of interested are reduced. The information form a Global simulation is used as boundary conditions for an intermediate large region simulation with a total of 4 nests required to achieve 200m resolution. The additional complication of changing the scientific assumptions when switching from a low resolution (with parametrised convection) to the high resolution that resolves the convection.

The CEMAC software development scientist configure these sequnces of hte UM in close liaison with the UKMO RMED team. Subsequently these developed skills were applied to other projects (see: VERTSTRUCT, TERRAMARIS, MOCCHA links)

Figure 1 : A developing convective system