Met Office NERC Cloud Model

MONC is a complete rewrite and reengineering of LEM, which preserves LEM’s underlying science. MONC has been developed to provide a flexible community model that can exploit modern super-computers such as ARCHER, the UK’s national super-computing service, and the Met Office’s new £97 million super-computer. MONC is designed to use over 100,000 processors, and has already been tested on over 32,000 processors. MONC’s initial development was funded by the Joint Weather and Climate Research Programme (JWCRP) and its ongoing development is funded through ARCHER’s eCSE programme.

MONC has been designed as a suite of independent components that inter-operate within a pluggable architecture. MONC includes both scientific and computational (e.g. for parallel computing) components. These components can be switched in and out to customise the model. The pluggable architecture allows scientists to develop new components, or to modify and experiment with existing ones, in isolation, without worrying about any unintended side-effects their changes might have. (Source: Software Sustainability Institute)