NERC HPC application for resource deadline approaching (28th Feb 2017)

The deadline for submitting an application to use ARCHER for 2017/2018 is early next week. Our concern is the statement on the NERC site
” Any applications received after this date will only be considered by the HPC Steering Committee if time permits. ”

See :

For example there are two categories ARCHER uses
(i) running under n02-chem (which is managed by Grenville Lister) and used mainly by aerosol and chemical composition groups.
(ii) running under a project account related to a project or proposal.

A) For a project similar to those within n02-chem AU budgets and less than 50 MAU per year:
They can run under n02-chem and they just have to do a brief outline of their work to Grenville.
B) If the user uses > 50 MAU per year, they need to fill out a new project form, and apply for a project code. This is fairly laborious. If you did this last year and want the project to continue you need to fill in a continuation form.

If you want some guidance on calculating the AU budget prediction then let CEMAC know and we can talk you through that section.