British Antarctic Survey – Projects

  • SuperDARN
    The Super Dual Auroral Radar Network (SuperDARN) has been operating as an international co-operative organisation for over 20 years, and has proved to be one of the most successful tools …... Read more »
    Investigating the twilight zone The four-year COMICS project, is led by the National Oceanography Centre, is a collaboration between the British Antarctic Survey and the universities of Queen Mary London, …... Read more »
  • Brunt Ice Shelf movement
    Ice shelf monitoring around Halley VI Research Station... Read more »
  • 4-D Cell Culture
    Marine invertebrates have a long history of contribution to medical science. Nobel prizes have been awarded for understanding how nerves work (using squid giant axons) and the regulation of the …... Read more »
  • SubICE – Sub-Antarctic Ice Coring Expedition
    The Sub-Antarctic – ice coring expedition (SubICE), part of the international Antarctic Circumnavigation Expedition (ACE), successfully drilled several shallow ice cores, from five of the remote and globally significant sub-Antarctic …... Read more »
  • UK Antarctic Hub – Rothera Modernisation
    Modernising Rothera research station, the UK's hub for Antarctic science... Read more »
  • Impact of Melt on Ice Shelf Dynamics and Stability (MIDAS)
    Project MIDAS (Impact of Melt on Ice Shelf Dynamics And Stability) is a UK-based Antarctic research project, investigating the effects of a warming climate on the Larsen C ice shelf …... Read more »
  • Signy Research Station Modernisation
    Modernising the UK's summer-only Antarctic research station... Read more »
  • Rothera Wharf Modernisation
    Rothera is BAS’s largest Antarctic research station and a centre for biological research, air operations and deep field support. Its current wharf is too small for the RRS Sir David Attenborough and …... Read more »
  • King Edward Point Research Station Modernisation
    New mooring and boating facilities for South Georgia's fisheries research station... Read more »