Centre for Environmental Data Analysis – News

  • CEDA Archive Support for ERA5 use
    b'The CEDA user communirt have made great use of ECMWF's ERA Interim reanalyis data over recent years, taking advantage of having co-hosted access to these and other data from the CEDA archives alongside their own resources within the JASMIN environment. ECMWF are presently producing their latest re-analysis product, ERA5, which... Read more »
  • Experiencing life at CEDA: a Year 12's placement week
    b'Last week, we had the pleasure of hosting a Year 12 work experience student, Annsha, within the CEDA team. She wrote us a blog post, take a look below to see what she got up to...   Hi I’m Annsha and I’ve spent this week at CEDA doing work experience. Here’s a... Read more »
  • Help us make an impact! One survey, six focus groups and an MSc project: how we plan to better evidence our impact
    b'The Centre for Environmental Data Analysis (CEDA) needs to keep users and stakeholders informed of the latest developments, but also evidence the impact of its services (i.e. the CEDA archive, JASMIN) to its funders. To help do this we have created a new role within the CEDA team; meet our... Read more »
  • Third annual JASMIN conference: presentations available now!
    b'Scientists using the UK’s largest environmental super computer and data store gathered last month to share their experiences of big data environmental science and now you can view their presentations too. The third annual conference provided an opportunity for some of the 1700 existing users of the super data computer, JASMIN,... Read more »
  • Global gathering of data scientists at PV2018 - view their presentations now!
    b'PV2018 took place at CEDA’s home site in Harwell, Oxfordshire on 15-17th May. The conference​ focussed on addressing the opportunities in understanding vast datasets and assessing ways to take that new information and make it useable to the widest variety of disciplines for societal benefit and commercial growth. Vast datasets now... Read more »
  • New CEDA Privacy and Cookie Notice and Archive Terms and Conditions
    b'A new CEDA Privacy and Cookie Notice, which users can view here, has been released. This aims to give greater clarity on how CEDA holds and makes use of user information. Additionally, an updated set of CEDA Archive service Terms and Conditions have been released and can be viewed here. Existing and... Read more »
  • CEDA Data Catalogue - new, improved search functions!
    b'Finding the right data for your research can often be a daunting task... especially when faced with a vast archive of over 5000 datasets with 180 million files to choose from, such as in the CEDA archive! However, CEDA are pleased to announce a major step towards helping resolve this... Read more »
  • Getting started with JASMIN - watch the webinar now!
    b'On 21st March, we ran our first ever webinar called ‘Getting started with JASMIN’. The aim of the webinar was to provide a basic overview for new users wanting to learn about what JASMIN is, and how to get access. Over 80 people registered, from a range of institutes and... Read more »
  • CEDA WPS Service presently down
    b'The CEDA Web Processing Service (WPS) is presently encountering issues following migration of relates storage areas supporting this service. The systems admin team are presently investigating this issue and we hope that normal service will resume soon. A further news item will be posted when the service is once again operational. We... Read more »
  • CEDA archive and websites unavailable on 14th March due to JASMIN upgrade
    b'As you may be aware, JASMIN is undergoing a massive upgrade (more info here) to double it's storage capability to 44PB. This means that there will be some disruption to services on 14th March between 07:00 - 19:00.  We anticipate all CEDA services to be unavailable or at risk on this day,... Read more »