Centre for Environmental Data Analysis – News

  • Elastic Tape unavailable on 15th June
    b'The Elastic Tape service will be at risk on 15th June and unavailable for at least a 4-hour window at some point during the day due to upgrades to the underlying storage system. Please avoid initiating any large ingest or retrieval jobs in the preceding day(s). We are sorry for any... Read more »
  • New dataset: ESA Sentinel 3A SLSTR data
    b'CEDA are pleased to announce that Sentinel 3A SLSTR data are now available in our archive. Following the launch of Sentinel 3A in February 2016, as part of the European Commission’s Copernicus programme for monitoring the Earth from Space, CEDA have been obtaining these data to support research and applications within... Read more »
  • CEDA CMIP5 data holdings: now catalogued and searchable!
    b'CEDA is pleased to annouce all CMIP5 data holdings in the CEDA archives are now covered by significantly improved data catalogue coverage, bringing greater discoverability and accessibility to our users. Finding CMIP5 data A wide range of experiments were performed during the course of the CMIP5 programme, undertaken by a wide range of modelling... Read more »
  • CEDA Data Catalogue updated!
    b'The CEDA Data Catalogue was updated lastnight to version 1.1.3. The latest version includes: Links to download stats for each dataset record. HTML rendering in "Latest news" items at top of dataset record page. Updated data download links to CEDA's new Web Download Service. Updated listing of datasets with licences permitting commercial use. We hope these... Read more »
  • Happy Birthday JASMIN!
    b'Five years ago today, an initial 4.5 petabytes of high-performance storage was brought online, signalling the ‘birth’ of JASMIN and revolutionising access to environmental science data for NERC. JASMIN is half super-computer and half data-centre and provides a globally unique platform at STFC, hosted for computing and storing UK and... Read more »
  • New CEDA download service successfully launched
    b'Yesterday CEDA rolled out a new, improved web download service, paving the way for improved usability of the CEDA Archive: available now at: http://data.ceda.ac.uk/ The new service combines the strengths of "OPeNDAP technology" and some old familiar CEDA web tools such as multiple downloading tool and NASA Ames plotting. With the new service... Read more »
  • CRU TS 3.24.01 now available
    b'CRU TS 3.24.01 has been released and is available for download (http://catalogue.ceda.ac.uk/uuid/3df7562727314bab963282e6a0284f24). These data replace and supersede the withdrawn CRU TS 3.24.'... Read more »
  • CEDA WPS: unavailable today from 11am
    b'The CEDA Web Processing Service (CEDA WPS) will be off-line from 11am today to allow for important software updates to be installed. These important updates to the CEDA WPS are required to address some bugs with the present service, install additional functionality and to prepare for future development work. CEDA Team'... Read more »
  • NEW - JASMIN Accounts Portal launched!
    b'We are pleased to announce the successful rollout of the new JASMIN Accounts Portal this morning. The new portal should be accessible at https://accounts.jasmin.ac.uk.   Existing JASMIN users will need to migrate their JASMIN access settings from the CEDA portal - to do this, please visit https://accounts.jasmin.ac.uk/account/ceda_claim/confirm/.   A series of instructional videos has been... Read more »
  • 8th February new JASMIN accounts portal: impact on CEDA and JASMIN services
    b'The new JASMIN Account Portal launch will be completed on 8th February and will require the myCEDA service to be offline for the inital stages of the migration.All CEDA and JASMIN users should note the following impacts to their services during the migration:   CEDA Archive and data depositors users Access to the... Read more »