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  • Engineering treatments to combat vision loss in India
    EPSRC SAT member Rachel Williams explains her work in eye and vision science.... Read more »
  • Manufacturing Medicines of the Future
    Dr Qasim Rafiq discusses the challenges and opportunities of manufacturing cell- and gene-based medications.... Read more »
  • Energy Demand Matters
    Professor Nick Eyre was appointed as the End Use Energy Demand Centre Champion for the development of a National End Use Energy Demand Centre. In his blog, Nick talks about the challenges we face in achieving a low-carbon, energy efficient future.... Read more »
  • Challenges for assistive robots
    As technology advances, the use of assistive robotics systems is becoming more and more commonplace, especially for the care of older adults. In our final blog to celebrate UK Robotics Week, EPSRC-supported researcher Praminda Caleb-Solly discusses the challenges of designing assistive robots for ever-changing patient needs.... Read more »
  • Smartphones to SmartStones
    Ten years on from the launch of the iPhone, we look at how smartphones are continuing to evolve, and how research at the University of Oxford demonstrates how they can be used for much more than social media and selfies.... Read more »
  • The buzz around bee brains: the future of flying robots?
    In the world of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, inspiration can come from the most unusual of places. University of Sheffield roboticist Professor James Marshall aims to develop small, autonomous flying robots by reverse-engineering the honeybee brain.... Read more »
  • Rise of the Robots
    The 20th century saw the rise of the robots... in popular culture at least. Dr Elaine Massung, EPSRC's Robotics Portfolio Manager, explores how this has influenced our perception of the technology.... Read more »
  • Celebrating International Women in Engineering Day
    To support International Women in Engineering Day on Thursday 23 June 2017, four people that support and promote diversity in engineering share their thoughts and experiences.  ... Read more »
  • Science for a successful nation - one year on...
    Our Delivery Plan for 2016/17 to 2019/20 was launched back in June 2016. Now, a year on we thought it would be good to reflect on what we have achieved to date and look forward to the next 12 months as we move towards the formation of UK Research and... Read more »
  • How to tackle dementia with Mathematics
    ... Read more »