Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council – Calls

  • Technology Touching Life Networks
    Technology Touching Life (TTL) is pleased to announce a £3 million call for Networks, jointly supported by the BBSRC, the EPSRC and MRC. The aim of TTL is to foster interdisciplinary research into innovative, and potentially disruptive, technological capabilities that will drive world-leading discovery research in the health and life... Read more »
  • Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Hubs in Extreme and Challenging (Hazardous) Environments
    Innovate UK, EPSRC and NERC are working closely together to deliver an integrated programme investigating the development and deployment of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (RAI) systems in extreme environments as part of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF).... Read more »
  • Manufacturing the future: Call for investigator-led research projects
    The EPSRC Manufacturing the Future challenge theme invites investigator-led proposals which address key research challenges facing manufacturing in the UK today.... Read more »
  • Very- and Ultra-High Field NMR for the physical and life sciences
    To maintain the UK's leading position in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) for research and development, ca. £20m capital is being made available to procure ultra-high field NMR systems (≥0.95 GHz) and upgrade existing very-high field NMR instruments (≥800 MHz) to support the UK's fundamental and applied research across a range... Read more »
  • Human-like Computing: Call for feasibility studies
    This is a Call for feasibility studies for research that could lead to the development of human-like computing systems: machines with human-like perceptual, reasoning and learning abilities, which support collaboration and communication with human beings.... Read more »
  • Digital Economy NetworkPlus
    The Digital Economy Theme would like to support up to five 'NetworkPlus' grants to stimulate development of DE research and communities within key emerging areas of national importance for DE research.... Read more »
  • Cross-Disciplinarity and Co-Creation in ICT Research
    EPSRC's Information Communication Technology (ICT) Theme has launched a call for outline proposals entitled 'Cross-Disciplinarity and Co-Creation in ICT Research'. This call seeks to encourage active collaboration between researchers working in different disciplines and/or with users of research.... Read more »
  • EPSRC Future Composites Manufacturing Hub - Call for Feasibility Studies
    The EPSRC Future Composites Manufacturing Hub is offering funding for short feasibility studies enabling a step-change in composites manufacturing technology.... Read more »
  • Research Software Engineer Fellowships II
    This call will support Research Software Engineer (RSE) Fellowships for a period of up to five years. The RSE Fellowship describes exceptional individuals in the software field, who demonstrate leadership and have combined expertise in programming and a solid knowledge of the research environment.... Read more »
  • Mid-range Facility Statements of Community Need (2017)
    This is the third call for Statements of Community Need for new and existing Mid-range Facilities that will support excellent engineering and physical sciences research.... Read more »