Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council – Case Studies

  • 2017
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  • Working with Business - Key Advantage
    'Servitization' unlocks the secrets of long-term business success. How can UK manufacturers survive and thrive in a ferocious global business environment?.... Read more »
  • 2016
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  • Collaboration the key to beating cancer
    Without innovative research, medical breakthroughs that help people live better for longer would not be possible. Moreover, finding new ways of tackling healthcare challenges increasingly depends on closer collaboration between different disciplines and between different research and funding organisations.... Read more »
  • BAE Systems and EPSRC - Strategic Partnership
    Partnership provides space for success.... Read more »
  • Thinking small
    Professors Miles Padgett and Lee Cronin, from the University of Glasgow, have joined forces once again to design, build, and test a new type of high resolution 3D printer system – capable of creating complex shapes at microscopic levels.... Read more »
  • 2015
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  • Becoming an EPSRC Leadership Fellow transformed my career
    Professor Paul Newman leads the Oxford Mobile Robotics Group (MRG), which is at the cutting-edge of UK research into mobile autonomy.... Read more »
  • Strengthening the UK's infrastructure
    Researchers at the ITRC have developed a national model to aid long term planning and to provide the intelligence to adapt the UK infrastructure.... Read more »
  • 'Big Data' research prevents cracking up
    Potholes, cracked roads, and flooded railway lines cost the country millions in delays, repairs and compensation - but science can reduce the costs and the adverse impacts.... Read more »