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  • Research Headlines - Energy-efficient fuel cell technology
    Fuel cell systems are an efficient way of converting chemical energy into electricity so as to reduce emissions and protect the environment. EU-funded research has advanced existing components and designs to develop an optimised version - boosting product lifetime and efficiency, and potential commercial uptake of a sustainable energy solution.... Read more »
  • Research Headlines - Young scientists hone skills one cloud at a time
    A group of young researchers spent the past couple of years with their heads in the clouds... to better understand aerosol cloud interactions and how they can help predict climate change. The project also led to technological advances in remote-sensing instrumentation and picked up the pace for technological transfer from... Read more »
  • Success Stories - The taming of the bacteria
    EU-funded researchers have developed two cutting-edge software platforms that European crisis responders can now use to improve coordination, communication and preparedness. The platforms could help prevent catastrophes escalating, reduce economic losses and save lives.... Read more »
  • Research Headlines - Cloud particle study improves accuracy of climate models
    Clouds play a key role in cooling the Earth's surface through dispersing rain and reflecting sunlight back into space. Through studying the role of secondary aerosol particles in cloud formation, EU-funded researchers hope to help sharpen future climate projections based on global models.... Read more »
  • Research Headlines - Reducing harmful emissions from diesel locomotives
    The EU-funded ENSPIRIT project is developing an innovative emission abatement system capable of reducing nitrogen oxide (NOx) and sulphur dioxide (SO2) pollution levels and meeting stringent new regulations on particle matter.... Read more »
  • Success Stories - No laughing matter: nitrous oxide - another climate enemy
    In a patch of experimental farmland in Oslo, a robot measures the emissions of a gas that has become particularly harmful to the environment, nitrous oxide (N2O). Researchers have developed a prototype to fight this greenhouse gas.... Read more »