European Commission – Research Information Centre

  • Protecting cultural monuments from climate change
    EU-funded researchers are designing and testing a systematic approach to defining the risks posed to ancient monuments by climate change - and how to predict and prevent these. Read more »
  • Terahertz waves orient gas molecules
    An EU-funded project has developed the ability to rotate molecules in a gas to point in any desired direction, opening up new possibilities for probing the dynamics of complex molecules. Read more »
  • New processes for safer medicines
    The EU-funded CORE project is helping to develop safer, more effective medicines by improving the processes pharmaceutical companies use to separate mirror-image pharmaceutical molecules, which will boost the industry's efficiency and competitiveness. Read more »
  • New dual-action weapon in war against antibiotic resistance
    An organic molecule composed of simple sugars could become a potent weapon in the fight against rising antibiotic resistance, according to EU-funded researchers who have developed a novel, targeted drug-delivery technique to treat deadly tuberculosis and other lethal pathogens. Read more »
  • Propelling wind turbines further offshore
    An EU-funded project has developed an innovative substructure for wind turbines that dramatically cuts the cost of their installation in deep water. This could help harness wind energy further offshore. Read more »
  • Seeking better treatments for endometriosis patients
    EU-funded researchers are studying the molecular mechanisms behind endometriosis in the hope of finding new treatment options for the millions of women around the world who suffer from the chronic inflammatory disease. Read more »
  • Freight firm digitalises and creates jobs
    A EUR 2.4 million loan extended under the InnovFin-EU finance for innovators initiative under the EU's Horizon 2020 programme and backed by the European Investment Fund has helped Bulgarian freight transporter Discordia digitalise, develop an innovative business model and create jobs. Read more »
  • Electronic music plug-in is laying down new beats
    An EU-funded project has developed a software tool composers and producers of beat-driven electronic music can use to generate loops of chord sequences. This enables them to create entrancing soundscapes while turning up the volume on Europe's competitiveness in the music production software market. Read more »
  • How to protect privacy in the age of big data
    When companies collect and analyse data about consumer behaviour, they provoke profound questions about privacy rights. But a group of EU-funded researchers has struck a balance between privacy and the private sector. Their goal is to allow consumers to select the level of privacy protection that suits them best. Read more »
  • Software tells tired drivers to take a break
    A EUR 850 000 loan extended under the InnovFin SME Guarantee Facility under the EU's Horizon 2020 programme and backed by the European Investment Fund has helped Swedish company Smart Eye secure contracts for its software that alerts sleepy drivers. As well as making roads safer, this has created jobs. Read more »