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  • Ready to wear electronics
    Scientists at a research facility in the German city of Berlin dream of clothing that produces energy as we walk. They have combined very different nanomaterials into so-called energy harvesters.... Read more »
  • Behind the wall: uncovering the effectiveness of migration policy
    Comprehensive new databases of migration flows and policy data since World War II highlight how some policy choices have had unintended effects.... Read more »
  • Buy locally, buy quality: sustainability in public food procurement
    School meals don't matter only to kids and their parents. Like other services within the scope of public sector food procurement, they also matter economically. Determination to source produce locally and sustainably can make all the difference to a region's farmers, as can labels protecting its specialities. An EU-funded project... Read more »
  • Smartphone solutions for smarter, greener urban mobility
    If the arrival of spring is not enough to get you out walking and cycling, an EU-funded initiative is launching a number of mobile applications offering incentives to lead a more active lifestyle, reduce urban congestion and fight pollution.... Read more »
  • Fluid glass in windows which could provide an energy
    In Liechtenstein a project is developing windows which could provide a source of energy. The outer face of the window is able to collect solar radiation and transform it into energy and the inner face is able to cool or heat the space inside the container.... Read more »
  • Nurturing research to vitalise Poland's bioeconomy
    Researchers at the Institute of Soil Science and Cultivation in the Polish town of Pulawy have set out to promote the bioeconomy and its benefits in the region. Their work is backed by funding from the EU's ERA Chairs initiative.... Read more »
  • Plug-in robotic systems to benefit small manufacturers
    Businesses using robots for short-term manufacturing assignments will be interested in a service developed by EU-funded researchers that can custom-design affordable robots. Businesses will be able to either lease or buy the robots for quick installation.... Read more »
  • Why electric cars need to start talking to the grid
    EU-funded researchers have developed new planning techniques that will help ensure Europe's existing smart grid infrastructure can sustainably meet growing demand for plug-in electric vehicles - and they want to see these cars communicating with charging stations.... Read more »
  • Reaching for new horizons in research and innovation policies
    Where can EU countries turn when they want advice on improving their national research and innovation systems? The Horizon 2020 Policy Support Facility (PSF) would be a good starting point - it provides tailor-made policy recommendations both to EU Member States and countries associated to Horizon 2020.... Read more »
  • Think smart for better transport planning
    The more planners know about how people move around a city, the easier it is for them to develop sustainable transport policies. EU-funded researchers have used data from personal smart devices to shed light on urban mobility and improve transport planning tools and models.... Read more »