European Commission – Research Information Centre

  • Insulation retrofit for energy-efficient historic buildings
    Many historic buildings in Europe are not energy efficient. Now, EU-funded researchers are developing a web tool on how to install internal thermal insulation in historic buildings that maintains their heritage value and reduces their energy consumption, with an acceptable safety level against deterioration.... Read more »
  • It takes a neighbourhood to build a city
    The ICEC project, funded by the JPI Urban Europe, helped urban policy-makers tackle the challenge of integration by focusing on what works - and what doesn't - within a city's super diverse neighbourhoods.... Read more »
  • Novel computational models to predict and prevent the next financial crisis
    EU-funded researchers have developed novel mathematical models and tools to better prepare financial markets for the unexpected, addressing many of the shortfalls of classical modelling approaches that dramatically failed to predict the 2008 financial crisis.... Read more »
  • Promoting inclusion by rethinking Europe's heritage
    At a time when consensus on Europe's past is breaking down, EU-funded researchers are rethinking the continent's heritage. The aim is to develop inclusive ways of viewing identity which counteract disaffection and promote civility.... Read more »
  • Protecting cultural monuments from climate change
    EU-funded researchers are designing and testing a systematic approach to defining the risks posed to ancient monuments by climate change - and how to predict and prevent these.... Read more »
  • Nurturing Europe's cultural heritage expertise
    An EU-funded project is creating a Europe-wide cultural heritage research infrastructure to provide easier access to scientific facilities, archival information and expertise and to improve training in heritage science.... Read more »
  • Designing infrastructure for radio astronomy on an epic scale
    The preparations for the Square Kilometre Array are advancing: construction is due to begin in 2020. An EU-funded project team working on infrastructure was one of several groups involved in the detailed design of this instrument, which will be co-located on two continents. In Australia, 133 000 antennas are to... Read more »
  • European museums in an age of migration
    People move from one country or continent to another for many reasons, and the pace of migration is speeding up. An EU-funded project looked at how museums can reflect the impact of these flows in today's interconnected, multicultural world.... Read more »
  • Medicine: a view from the Andes
    What are health, illness and healing? An EU-funded project focusing on indigenous communities in Ecuador is exploring traditional perceptions and the ways in which other cultures affect them. New insights could help inform the design of policies to support migrant or marginalised populations from traditional backgrounds.... Read more »
  • Art to promote dialogue on contentious cultural heritage
    EU-funded researchers are developing art-based methods of promoting reflection and dialogue on contentious aspects of Europe's cultural heritage. Transmission of these methods aims to increase inclusiveness and foster convivial relations, thereby helping to shape European imagination.... Read more »