European Commission – Research Information Centre

  • Museums strengthen links between Europe and the Americas
    An EU-funded project is exploring the cultural, scientific and social dimensions of Europe4s relations with Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) through the study of museums. This should preserve community heritage and support EU-LAC cooperation.... Read more »
  • Electric cars: fast forward with plastic battery rack
    Could the battery racks in electric cars be greener? Lighter? More affordable, and easier to assemble? Significant gains could be achieved and could help the deployment of such vehicles pick up the pace, say EU-funded researchers who have developed sophisticated housing made of plastic rather than metal.... Read more »
  • The making of more women entrepreneurs
    An EU-funded project has developed an education and training programme to help more women in Europe successfully start their own businesses. This could support EU efforts to encourage female entrepreneurship, creating jobs and economic growth.... Read more »
  • Innovation chain for next-gen buildings
    As the building industry looks for new ways to harness advances in digital technology, talented young designers, architects, engineers and IT specialists are earning accolades for their innovative approach to this fast-moving industrial sector.... Read more »
  • Molecular machines to green industry
    An EU-funded project is developing potent molecular machines that could cut the costs and environmental impact of industries as diverse as healthcare, manufacturing and energy. This could bolster EU efforts to promote cleaner industrial processes.... Read more »
  • Transforming heavy vehicles for more energy-efficient freight
    An EU-funded research project has developed innovations in truck and semi-trailer design that could increase energy efficiency by up to 25 %, supporting the EU's goal of improving the sustainability of Europeean transport sector.... Read more »
  • Enabling young researchers to pursue careers in biomedicine
    An EU-funded project is enabling young European biomedical researchers to organise annual scientific symposia, career days and outreach activities. The aim is to connect them with prominent scientists and give them the skills and experience to advance their own careers.... Read more »
  • History springs back to life via virtual reality
    The application of virtual reality to cultural heritage is contributing to the way both knowledge and objects are preserved and handed down to future generations of Europeans. Now an EU-funded project is helping increase knowledge and share virtual reality expertise among researchers in Romania, Slovenia and Italy.... Read more »
  • Promoting research integrity for a bright scientific future
    An EU-funded project reveals the important role that research institutions must play to promote and support research integrity and ensure continued public trust in science. It has created educational tools to help overcome the challenges to integrity.... Read more »
  • Collaborating against cancer: research drives knowledge sharing
    Leading European institutes are combining their know-how to advance research into tumour biology, establishing an EU-funded network that promises to contribute to the development of new treatments, insights and technologies to combat cancer.... Read more »