Met Office – News Releases

  • Fresher weather on the way for all
    This week sees an end to the current spell of hot weather in the southeast as cooler, fresher conditions already in place over some areas, spreads across all parts of the country from tomorrow.... Read more »
  • Learn About Weather
    Have you ever wanted to learn a bit more about the weather? Would you like a better understanding of the forecast information that you see on TV or online?... Read more »
  • Early end of July statistics
    Although the weather story this month has been the prolonged heatwave provisional temperature data tell us this July is only the third warmest on record.... Read more »
  • Thunderstorms then a windy weekend
    Thunderstorms in places today mark the end to the heatwave and herald a more changeable weekend, with a wet and windy Sunday for many.... Read more »
  • Heatwave breaks with thunderstorms
    Very hot conditions will continue across central, eastern and southeastern parts of the England until the end of the week, but the heat will trigger intense thunderstorms in some areas.... Read more »
  • Parents could be doing more to protect their children’s eyes from UV
    According to the Eyecare Trust, Children’s eyes are 10 times more sensitive to the sun’s UV rays than their skin but, in a recent Met Office survey, most people in the UK have confessed to not knowing how damaging UV can be to eyes.... Read more »
  • The heatwave continues..
    Hot weather remains in the forecast for much of the UK. Although temperatures won’t be quite as hot as last week, they will continue to remain well above average and it will remain largely dry.... Read more »
  • High temperatures continue
    High pressure is continuing to bring warm, dry and sunny weather to the vast majority of the UK, with temperatures having reached at least 30 Celsius in all four nations over the last few days.... Read more »
  • Continued risk of thunderstorms
    The risk of thunderstorms and torrential rain will continue over the next few days but there will also be sunny spells at times across the country.... Read more »
  • Thunderstorms and sunshine
    It's staying warm with sunny spells for large areas over the next few days: however, many of us will continue to see thunderstorms with torrential rain, lightning and hail.... Read more »