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  • UM Version 11.7 released
    The latest version of the UM, 11.7, is available on ARCHER. Those of you who are spending your last kAUs on this machine may wish to check it out and incorporate it into your suites. Read more »
  • Update: ARCHER Transition - Modifying PPTransfer
    ARCHER has now been configured to allow outgoing connections from the post-processing nodes. This means that it is possible again to transfer data to JASMIN by pushing from ARCHER in the same way that we did from the RDF. UM suites need to be modified to stage data for archiving… Read more »
  • Update: ARCHER return to service - UM work flow
    We continue to work with ARCHER to implement a robust solution to handle the 2FA access. Until we have that solution, this is a short-term alternative. In your PUMA or pumatest .ssh/config file (create one if you don't already have one), delete references to and then add: Host… Read more »
  • ARCHER return to service - UM work flow
    When ARCHER returns to operation on May 21st all users will be required to use two credentials to access the service: an SSH key with a passphrase and their ARCHER password. Rose/Cylc suites and UMUI jobs will not run under this HPC access model. We are working closely with ARCHER… Read more »
  • ARCHER Transition - Modifying PPTransfer
    From February 19th the ARCHER RDF will become read-only. This means that to continue archiving and transferring data to JASMIN UM suites will need to be modified to stage data for archiving on the /work disk as well as modifying the pptransfer app to pull the data across from JASMIN… Read more »