National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration State of the Climate

  • July 2018 National Climate Report
    The July contiguous U.S. average temperature was 75.49 degrees F, 1.88 degrees F above the 20th century average.The precipitation total was 2.80 inches, 0.02 inches above average.... Read more »
  • July 2018 Drought
    As of July 31st, 28.95% of the Contiguous U.S. was experiencing drought conditions, 16.22% was in severe drought, 7.11% extreme, and 1.35% exceptional.... Read more »
  • July 2018 Synoptic Discussion
    The Earth's ocean-atmosphere system continued in an ENSO-neutral state during July 2018. Like the last several months, the upper-level circulation was quite active this month with shortwave ridges and troughs migrating through the jet stream flow over the contiguous United States (CONUS).... Read more »
  • July 2018 Wildfires
    For July, 8,717 fires (8th most since 2000) burned 2,313,597 acres (6th most on record), which is 265.4 acres burned/fire (6th most on record). For January - July, 37,718 fires (9th least since 2000) burned 4,810,195 acres (6th most on record), which is 127.5 acres burned/fire (4th most on record).... Read more »
  • July 2018 Tornadoes
    This analysis is based on preliminary data available from the Storm Prediction Center. Final tornado counts published by the Storm Prediction Center and NCEI's Storm Events Database might differ from this report. For a more detailed climatology, please visit our tornado climatology page.... Read more »
  • July 2018 Hurricanes and Tropical Storms
    Please see Hurricanes and Tropical Storms report for more information.... Read more »
  • June 2018 Global Climate Report
    The combined average temperature over global land and ocean surfaces for June was 0.75 degrees C (1.35 degrees F) above the 20th century average of 15.5 degrees C (59.9 degrees F).... Read more »
  • June 2018 Regional Analysis
    June temperature anomalies relative to their 1910-2000 mean: North America, +1.14 deg C; South America, +0.45 deg C; Europe, +1.80 deg C; Africa, +1.09 deg C; Asia, +1.16 deg C; Oceania, +0.21 deg C.... Read more »
  • June 2018 Upper Air
    June Lower Troposphere: UAH, +0.21 deg C; RSS, +0.227 deg C. Mid-Troposphere: UAH, +0.18 deg C; RSS, +0.179 deg C; NESDIS_STAR, +0.211 deg C. Stratosphere: UAH, -0.34 deg C; RSS, -0.275 deg C; NESDIS_STAR, -0.258 deg C.... Read more »
  • June 2018 Global Snow and Ice
    During June, the global sea ice extent was 23.56 million square km (9.10 million square miles), 6.21% below the 1981-2010 average.... Read more »