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  • Research translation call
    NERC and BBSRC invite applications for research translation projects to translate existing research into practical application for the purpose of addressing current food security development and environmental challenges related to sustainable enhancement of food production. Read more »
  • AO: Met Office open calls
    The Met Office are inviting expressions of interest for the Strategic Priorities Fund (SPF) UK Climate Resilience programme in a number of areas. Read more »
  • AO: Knowledge Exchange Coordinator
    Proposals are invited for a Knowledge Exchange Coordinator for the UK International Ocean Discovery Program (UK IODP). The Knowledge Exchange Coordinator will be tasked with establishing, maintaining and energising links with the wider environmental science and industrial communities, and increasing national awareness of UK-IODP activities and opportunities. Read more »
  • AO: Mathematical and statistical challenges - Second call
    UK Research & Innovation invite proposals to this call on the Strategic Priorities Fund programme on 'Landscape Decisions: Towards a new framework for using land assets'. Read more »
  • AO: Challenge 3
    Proposals are invited to address challenge 3 of the Role of the Southern Ocean in the Earth System (RoSES) research programme. Read more »
    Proposals are invited for a new research programme on tackling critical gaps in the scientific understanding of the role North Sea energy installations have on the North Sea ecosystem structure and function. Read more »
  • Second UKPRP funding call
    The UKPRP funders are pleased to announce that a second funding call will be launched on 3 September 2019 for proposals for new consortium and network awards. Read more »
  • Policy internships
    The Policy Internships Scheme provides the opportunity for PhD students funded by the research councils of UK Research & Innovation to work for three months in one of a selected group of highly influential policy organisations. Read more »
  • AO: NERC Capital Call 2019
    Proposals are invited for the Capital Call 2019, for capital assets which will ensure the continued delivery of world-class environmental science aligned with NERC's remit. Read more »
  • AO: Understanding and countering plant bacterial disease
    BBSRC, on behalf also of Defra, NERC and the Scottish Government, have announced a call for research to address threats to UK plant health and biosecurity from bacterial diseases. Read more »