Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe – News

  • PRACE SHAPE Programme supports three further SMEs
    PRACE is very pleased to announce that, following the seventh call for applications to SHAPE, three more SMEs will be able to start working with PRACE to gain access to HPC expertise and resources, expand their HPC experience and ultimately enhance their business. The post PRACE SHAPE Programme supports three further... Read more »
  • MNHACK18: 1st MareNostrum Hackathon
    The Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) is pleased  to announce that the first MareNostrum hackathon will be held from 22 to 24th October 2018 at the Sala Agora, UPC Campus, Barcelona (Spain). You can form teams of minimum 2 to maximum 4 developers. The application period is open until 15th September... Read more »
  • Study of cardiac arrhythmia’s using high performance computing
    A team of the University of Bodeaux 1 within IMB (Institut de Mathématiques) and Joint Inria, and IHU LIRYC (L’Institut Hospitalo-Universitaire de Rythmologie et modélisation Cardiaue de Bordeaux) used for their project CAMEL – CArdiac MechanoELectrics  GENCI resources as well as the PRACE HPC Research Infrastructure. The project was awarded... Read more »
  • Call for code developers to access new Power9 + Nvidia v100 BSC machine
    BSC has a new cluster with the most advanced technology using Power9 processors and NVIDIA V100 GPUS, the technical characteristics are the following: 54 nodes, each of them: 2 x IBM Power9 8335-GTG @ 2.0GHz (20 cores and 4 threads/core) 512GB of main memory distributed in 16 dimms x 32GB... Read more »
  • Wrap up: A diversity of activities at the PRACE booth @ ISC2018
    PRACE offered a diverse programme to the visitors of the PRACE booth at the ISC 2018 exhibition. This programme included mini-presentations such as an overview of PRACE industrial access and a presentation of the DEEP project in which several PRACE Members are involved. For the second time, PRACE was one... Read more »
  • Training for Maxeler Dataflow Architectures – Jülich, 20-21 Sept 2018
    In the context of the PRACE-3IP Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) project, Maxeler ported a set of scientific computing applications to its FPGA-accelerated architecture and deployed a pilot system at Jülich Supercomputing Centre. Developers of numerical applications with general interest in exploring the use of FPGAs for accelerating applications are invited to... Read more »
  • Austria joined as Member PRACE
    PRACE is delighted to announce that Austria has joined the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE) and will be the 26th Member. “The PRACE Council is very pleased to welcome Austria as member of PRACE and is looking forward to a fruitful collaboration. By joining PRACE, Austria gives a... Read more »
  • Fast and Innovative: Jülich Supercomputer is a New Development from Europe
    When it comes to developing innovative supercomputer architectures, Europe is about to take the lead. A striking example of this is the new supercomputer that is due to start user operation at the Jülich Supercomputing Centre (JSC) in the next few days. JUWELS is a milestone on the road to... Read more »
  • EuroHack18 GPU programming Hackathon, Oct. 1-5, 2018, Lugano, Switzerland
    We are pleased to announce EuroHack18, a hackathon devoted to porting scientific applications to GPUs as well optimizing existing GPU-enabled codes. EuroHack18 will take place in Lugano, Oct. 1-5, 2018.  We invite teams of 2-4 members to propose an application to be ported to or optimized on GPU.  Successful teams... Read more »
  • PRACE@ISC2018 – Pictures
    Serge Bogaerts, PRACE Managing Director opened with a Welcome talk the PRACE booth at ISC2018 on Monday 25 June 2018. Please see the pictures of the first exhibition day: On Tuesday 26 June different Mini-Presentations were held at the PRACE booth. In the afternoon the PRACE PCP Reception took place.... Read more »