UM Users Monsoon Switch-over has happened

We had plenty of warning.
The umsystems team have consolidated the “lander” user id of those of us with Met Office internal unix IDs. On the new Monsoon (xcs-c) those userids will have no data available unless it was transferred from the previous userid. That includes all data in the /projects/project/useridB working directories (DATADIR). The earlier userid is referred to as UseridB and the consolidated userid is UseridC.
I had to set up a blank key on XCM to add to the authorized_keys on XCSC to allow password-less transfer of data.

For the last week I have transferred data from XCM _to_ XCSC by pushing with:
scp -p A useridC@xcslc0:A

Now I find I should have also made a reverse key (oops) as I can only log into my earlier user id (Monsoon terminology useridB) with a password. Which I do not know.

This link is to instructions on the collaboration Twiki which requires a separate login (which hopefully you already know).
Monsoon Twiki