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The Centre for Environmental Modelling And Computation (CEMAC) aims to provide a core of technical and scientific expertise related to research computing applications in environmental research and teaching. Advances in computing techniques, data workflow, and hardware have led to an increase in the complexity of scientific numerical models and data products used in environmental science, as well as challenges in data handling, visualisation and communication. Both scientific and technical expertise is required to fully harness these advances and exploit them to tackle the grandest challenges in environmental and Earth System sciences. CEMAC is helping to tackle complex problems, pushing the frontiers of scientific research, and helping to provide solutions to some of the most pressing problems faced by society.

Our Partnerships are a core aspect of CEMAC's operation and strategy, enabling us to link to the wider research community, create external impact, and to benefit from the latest opportunities in research computing.

CEMAC's objectives

  • Provide expertise and technical skills to accelerate our “time to science”
  • Enhance the learning experience for Environment students and contribute to increasing student recruitment
  • Enable researchers to respond first to emergent opportunities for high impact research
  • Enhance the impact and ambition of our research
  • Facilitate efficient and meaningful exploitation of large and complex Earth observation datasets
  • Facilitate the training of high calibre scientists at the post-graduate and post-doctoral level with a high level of skill in numerical modelling and data analytics
  • Support researchers in taking a leading role in development of world-leading state-of-the-art numerical models across environmental sciences
  • Enhance our engagement within SEE and with external partners, acting as a portal for links between our modelling groups and NCAS, the Met Office, and other external agencies


Some recent publications that i nvolved CEMAC are listed on the publications page.