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CEMAC works closely with partner agencies in supporting researchers and in developing strategic priorities for research computing activities within the School of Earth & Environment.

  • Met Office We work closely with Met Office scientists in using the Unified Model framework to address science issues ranging from high impact weather and air pollution to climate change and Earth system modelling. University of Leeds are a key member of the Met Office Academic Partnership¬†and CEMAC plays a role in coordinating Leeds-Met Office partnership activities in the theme of computational techniques.
  • National Centre For Atmospheric Science (NCAS) CEMAC and ICAS scientists work closely with researchers from the National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS) on development and application of a range of modelling tools and data products. We host CEMAC staff who work jointly with NCAS on support and development of models such as TOMCAT-GLOMAP and UM-UKCA.
  • Research Computing - University of Leeds (and ARC system) CEMAC collaborates with the Research Software Engineers and ARC HPC team in supporting many of our key modelling tools on the local ARC high performance computing facilities in Leeds.
  • National Centre for Atmospheric Science Computational Modelling Services (NCAS CMS) We work closely with NCAS CMS colleagues in supporting application of the Met Office Unified Model, and supporting training in using the model and its management software.